Dorset Street Sunbeds

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Dorset Street Sunbeds

For professional sunbed book in the heart of Dublin, why not visit Sunny Sky Solarium’s Dorset Street branch? Located at 37 Dorset Street Upper, Rotunda, Dublin 1, our Dublin tanning facilities are easily accessible from anywhere in Dublin City Centre. We only use the best of equipment in this tanning salon, ensuring that your safety and comfort are considered while simultaneously helping you to achieve a gorgeous, bronze tan. Our range of equipment and professional sunbeds for book will leave you looking glowing and gorgeous, with cheap rates available for short and long sessions.


€1 per minute 

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Ergoline Prestige 990

With 52 body lamps and 4 facial tanners, this machine is excellent for achieving a deep, dark, golden tan. The Ergoline Prestige 990 uses optimised UV technology combined with reflective glass reflectors to ensure that your tan is dark, even, and glowing even in the depths of winter. With aqua spray for mist and aroma, you can rest assured that you will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the experience.

€1 per minute

Megasun 7000

The Megasun 7000 is a powerhouse of a sunbed, giving you visible tanning results after very few sunbed sessions in comparison to other sunbeds. With optimised tanning rays as well as added skincare factors, this sunbed is one of the most popular in our sunbed shops. As well as this, the Megasun 7000 optimised vitamin D production to ensure that your vitamin levels are kept topped up throughout the year, even in the depths of the Irish winter!

€1 per minute

Opal Fitness With Vibra Plate

Opal Fitness is one of the best sunbed brands on the market, and for good reason, too. For customers who don’t like lie-down sunbeds, we offer opal fitness stand-up tanning booths in our Dorset Street branch, giving you a gorgeous golden glow without having to lie in a sunbed for an extended period of time. These stand-up sunbeds offer music playing and refreshing mist and aroma sprays to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

€1 per minute

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Dorset St Sunbeds FAQ

  • Where can I find sunbeds on Dorset St, Dublin?

    Sunny Sky Solarium provides professional, high-quality, and regulated Dublin sunbeds from our branch on Dorset St, Dublin 1.

  • What kind of sunbeds do you have?

    Sunny Sky Solarium has a range of sunbed types and brands for customers to choose from. Our Dorset St branch offers powerful sunbeds and standing tanning booths to suit all customers and all tanning goals.