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1. Customers must at all times adhere to the Guidelines on the reverse of this disclaimer. Sunny Sky Solarium shall not be responsible for any injuries or illness occasioned by a failure to comply with the said Guidelines.

2. Tanning and Toning equipment is not suitable for use by persons under 18 years of age. Proof of I.D. required.

3. Sunny Sky Solarium accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or theft of users’ property while on the premises.

4. Sunny Sky Solarium does not provide a security box for the safekeeping of customers possessions, users are advised not to bring jewellery or any valuables with them when visiting the tanning and toning facilities.

5. Sunny Sky Solarium specifically disclaims all liability pursuant to section 4 of the Occupiers Liability Act, 1995 for any injuries or damage caused to a customer of the tanning & toning facilities whilst on these premises.

6. Sunny Sky Solarium specifically disclaims all liability under the contract or in negligence for any injuries to or illness suffered by a customer or any consquential loss arising there from howsoever arising whilst on the premises.

7. Sunny Sky Solarium offers no warranty or assurance as to the suitability of the tanning or toning treatment in alleviating any ailment or that it confers any medical, dermatological or physiological benefits to the customer and any such warranty or condition implied by common law, statute or otherwise is hereby specifically disclaimed.

8. Sunny Sky Solarium offers no warranty or assurance that the customer will obtain a tan at the end of a course of treatment and specifically disclaims any liability under common law, statute or otherwise (and in particular under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980) should the customer be dissatisfied with the results of the treatment.

9. Sunny Sky Solarium may pass on certain customer details to third parties but only to reputable commercial entities whose activities are consistent with Sky Solarium’s commitment to customer care. This will in no way affect your statutory rights.

10. Sunny Sky Solarium nor any of its staff holds itself out s possessing any specialist expertise or know-how in skin care or in the use of tanning and
toning equipment and no act or statement by Sunny Sky Solarium
or its staff may be held to imply that it does.

11. Tanning and Toning time is valid for six months from the date of purchase in the case of standard Tanning and Toning time, and for 6 months from the date of purchase in the case of special offers. No refund, partial or whole, will be given in respect of any unused Tanning or Toning time after this period. Tanning and Toning time is sold in individual sessions or courses, and may not be “added on” to other sessions or courses after expiry nor transferred to any third party.

12. In signing below the customer is expressly agreeing that they have read and understood the provisions of the foregoing clauses and that they are fair and reasonable in the circumstances.