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Sunny Sky Solarium

If you’re looking for somewhere to get a gorgeous bronze tan in the heart of Dublin City Centre, look no further than Sunny Sky Solarium. As one of Dublin’s highest-rated sunbed shops, we offer top of the range sunbeds at cost-effective prices to give you a stunning golden glow that’s sure to boost your confidence.

Our experienced staff are highly professional, with years of experience in the industry, giving you a warm welcome into our sunbed facilities every time and making you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into our tanning shops.


Whether you’re looking for a subtle glow, a solution to improve aesthetic skin conditions such as eczema, or a dark tan to help you feel your best, we can offer expert advice and recommendations on how to use our tanning beds to best achieve your tanning goals.

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Sunbeds in The Heart of Dublin City

We don’t get much sun here in Dublin City Centre, which is why Sunny Sky Solarium offers high-quality sunbeds for tanning results that will make you feel like you’ve just come back from a sun holiday. We only use the best professional equipment in our Dublin tanning salons to ensure safety, comfort, and visible results for all of our clients. Hygiene and safety are our priorities here at Sunny Sky Solarium, allowing you to rest assured that no matter what branch you visit, our premises will be clean, hygienic, safe, and fully regulated- always.
With branches on Dorset Street, Cork Street, and Capel Street, our facilities are easily accessible whenever you’re in the city, offering flexible opening hours that suit your schedule. Whether you want a quick few minutes in a tanning booth or would rather treat yourself to a longer session, we offer advice and recommendations on the best sunbed to use to achieve the results you want. Say goodbye to pale skin and walk out of Sunny Sky Solarium with a glow to be proud of.

Our Dublin Tanning Salon Locations

We have tanning salons dotted across the city to ensure that you can top up your tan no matter where you are in Dublin.

Sunny Sky Solarium

Dorset Street Sunbeds


If you’re looking for a premium tanning salon in the heart of the city, our Dublin 1 Dorset Street sunbed shop is easily accessible by foot from anywhere in the city centre.

Sunny Sky Solarium

Cork Street Sunbeds


For easily-accessible sunbeds along the quays, why not visit Sunny Sky Solarium’s Cork Street branch? Located near Merchant’s Quay, we have the best equipment to help you achieve a golden glow.

Sunny Sky Solarium

Capel Street Sunbeds


For a tan top-up in North Dublin City, pop into our Capel Street sunbed shop. Located only 5 minutes away from Henry St, this central location is the perfect tanning salon to visit after a day’s shopping in the city.

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Sunny Sky Solarium FAQ

  • Where can I find sunbeds near me?

    Sunny Sky Solarium offers high-quality sunbeds across Dublin, with branches on Dorset Street, Dublin 1, Cork Street, Dublin 8, and Capel Street, Dublin 1.

  • How many sunbed sessions should I do to get a good tan?

    Depending on the colour of your skin, you should develop a good base tan after about 3-5 sunbed sessions in Sunny Sky Solarium. This can be maintained with regular sunbed use thereafter.